Intended Use

Burn Navigator® is a Clinical Decision Support tool to help health care providers manage IV fluid therapy for adult and pediatric severe burn patients.

The Burn Navigator is indicated for use in the care of adult patients with 20% or more Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) burned,
   or pediatric patients, 24 months old or older, weighing at least 10 kg with 15% or more TBSA burned,
   as a fluid resuscitation monitor and calculator for hourly fluid recommendations.

The Burn Navigator is intended to be used for burn patients of all ages, co-morbidities and weights from 1 to 400 kg as a fluid resuscitation monitor.

The Burn Navigator is intended to be initiated within 24 hours of the burn incident and used no longer than 72 hours post burn.

The Burn Navigator is not intended for use in the care of patients weighing over 400kg.

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